Obama’s Remark is Complicating Military Trails (NY Times by Jennifer Steinhauer

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For some reason today we had the Sunday paper, even though its currently Saturday. I guess those are some of the perks that come with owning a 7 eleven. Anyways i wanted to go over some of the stuff i read in the paper and just think about their significance in the world today, if it’s a big significant or not. Just to get my brain thinking a little. 
The first article I want to talk about is written by Jennifer Steinhauer and it’s titled “Obama’s Remark is Complicating Military Trails” 
In this article it discusses some of the comments that the President had made about sexual assault cases within the military, in the President’s words himself he said anyone who has committed sexual assault should be : “prosecuted, stripped of their position, court-martialed, fired, dishonorably discharged” 
This sounds kind of harsh, but did the president mean get every case of sexual assault that has been written out and start firing people? I don’t think so, but what is happening is that military lawn experts need to follow in the president’s orders (since he is commander and chief) and now “every military defense counsel will make a motion about this”. Many cases are being brought up and the presidents remarks about sexual assault in the military has transformed into “muddy legal cases across the country”. I certainly don’t think that these were the Presidents intentions, but that’s whats happening now. 
The article was saying that this is probably happening righting now because on Capital Hill there are lawmakers who are “contemplating making dishonorable discharge an automatic punishment for convicted offenders”. This is basically saying that if you have been convicted of something you can’t be in the military. Well now isn’t that profiling of some other type that I don’t know the word of from the top of my head. That has to be some type of stereotyping. I mean if a guy committed some crime at the age of 22 and then decided that he wants to join the military and better himself or herself at the age of say 33, he’s not going to be allowed to be in the army? Or if someone has served the army for about 25 year, began at the age of 25, the at the age of 50 came across some legal issues that turned into a case against him or her of some sort. Your going to strip all their handwork, and dedication that they provided this country and just toss them to the side? Talk about taking care of it’s people America. 
I think cases like these need to be taken under serious consideration since many people who are in the military and who have served time for this country deserve it. Just to give a personal note about myself, nobody that I know has served in the military. Im Pakistani, and the views of the military are not that favorable in my Pakistani household. But I still think that these trails and cases that are taking place in the military are useless and hurting more people then helping them. Are we really going to let a remark that our President make (probably to make himself seem formal) go this far as to completely change lives of citizens who have served our country and kept our people safe? 
Now back to why I have tomorrow’s paper right now? Like I said before it’s the perks of owning a 7 eleven. But this has really got me to thinking, when are these papers actually printed? I feel like this article that is for the sunday paper this week was probably written a couple days ago? hmm i really don’t know. Maybe someone who is more familiar with the NY Times could help me figure that out. 
Another article that I would like to discuss in by Ian Johnson and it’s titled : Chinese Hit Pitfalls Pushing Millions Off Farm
So basically in Chine the new prime minister is trying to urbanize in order to complete the steps of industrialization and modernization, but is this really what the people of china want? Or is this something he is doing in order to make the country more economically progressive? probably to make the country more money DUHH!! the article state that “Mr Li is directing one of the largest peacetime population transfers in history”. I really don’t think he is trying to break records though, I think that he wanted his country to quickly get out of the rural areas and begin modernizing so they can “live luxury lives”. But is this what the Chinese people want? Or is this something the Prime Minister wants in order for his country to look like its transforming into the next superpower? There is no doubt about it, China will beat the US and become the next super power soon, even though some people think it already is. Now is the prime minister trying to modernize its people for the betterment of themselves or for the betterment of the country? I think it’s for the betterment of the country. ( Even though some people might argue that the betterment of China is actually the betterment of the people in China as well) But some Chinese people that were okay with moving out the rural areas and into the city only have one complaint, THEY DON’T HAVE ANY JOBS IN THE CITIES THEY MOVE INTO. Now how are you going to make thousands and thousands of people relocate their families and not be sure if they will be receiving employment when they get there Mr. Li? How the hell does that work in your book sir? The on the other case we have people that don’t want to leave their rural lives in the farms and modernize, they are happy with the way they’ve been living their lives for generations. How is it okay for Mr. Li to make them move into urbanized cities where they can’t find any jobs? I have no idea. This Chinese lady in the article said that moving back wasn’t an option because they had torn down their homes and planted trees there. Mr Li said that “reforesting the mountains will make the water clear”, well thank you SOOO much for caring about the environment but thanks also again for fucking up and leaving these poor people jobless in urbanized towns that they can’t afford to live the modern lives that you want them to. One of the ladies in the article also said that she felt stupid for buying a television and a washing machine because they cant afford the electric bill to use those appliances anyways. So now Mr Li you have all these people hyped up to start living molder lives, that you give them loans to buy houses and furnish them with ‘modern things’ that they later can’t afford because there are no jobs for them. 
Maybe im just ranting and hating on China, or maybe the article wanted me to feel that way because America right now is on iffy grounds with China as China transforms into the next superpower and America falls out of that role. All I know is that it’s 2013 and the Chinese government is still controlling it’s citizens and they really don’t have a say at all. How long is this going to last in that side of the world? and is there going to be any leader that fights and stands up for these people? probably not because the chinese governmnet will probably have them executed in a manner of minutes. Hey it’s your country China, you can do whatever you want with it. But don’t hate when people from other countries read about what your doing and scrutinize because over here on the Western hemisphere it’s totally okay! 

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