I recently had the luxury of taking my three young cousin’s to the movies to watch this new action flick called Boxtroller’s.

I don’t want to give a review of the movie but I do want to make a comparison of the movie to some current events that we are experiencing globally.

In the movie the boxtroller’s were labeled as monsters who ate humans for fun and a devious character was in charge of exterminating the boxtrollers as his chance to make it big and be apart of the elite group of men who got to taste expensive cheese and wear long white hats.

Throughout the movie you find out that the box trollers aren’t monsters, there actually really smart and have the ability to build stuff out of nothing.

Now the comparison I want to make is towards the labels we have in our own society. He/she look’s mean, bitchy, cute, bubbly, fat, skinny, tall, short, hood, classy, wanna-be. All these labels we create in our mind towards the people in our environment.

We can categorize them any way we want but it is not going to help us, if anything it’s going to hurt our society and divide us up into factions.

I personally feel like our society had already been divided up into factions that usually represent an individuals socio-economic background and I think that we all can agree on this.

I dont argue against having these background for people but what I do argue against is labeling individuals a certain way because of there back ground. My background may be one thing, but it doest mean that I will logically follow the stereotypes associated with my background.

For example it has been believed that many young African American men will most likely end up in jail by the time they are 21, especially if they live in particular neighborhood. This had lead many people to stereotype a while neighborhood filled with African Americans as dangerous. But that’s not true.

My friend who is a African American raised in a improvised neighborhood is currently a doctor in South Hampton.

WOW look at that.

My other friend who is born and raised in Syria and moved to the United States for a better life ten years ago is not a terrorist. He’s currently getting is BA and is a club promoter in NYC.

These stereotypes that we have made up and seem to believe in our minds is one part of our society that needs a lot of reform.

This reform is for us, our society. We need to create it and implement it.


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