The Constant Struggles

The daily struggles we undergo can be the worst struggles until we learn to let go and appreciate them. How the hell do we appreciate taking out the trash, constantly cleaning just to get the house dirty, washing dishes & clothes, filling the car up with gas, getting an oil change, getting your hair cut. All these activities that we are naturally taking care of because we think we have to and because we probably have to.

Just think about it for one second. If we got to let go of these activities and just be free. I mean what could go wrong? I mean many things could and probably would go wrong if this were the case. This constant order in our life is something were prone to because we live under the rule of law.

I mean you probably don’t think about it. Who wakes up and says “agh let this wonderful day begin under the rule of law”. I know a few people that might sadly, but most of society doesn’t.

We get into our cars and put on our seat belts, stop at red lights& stop signs (most of the time) and try not to speed. I mean we should be doing this for our safety but lets be real we do it because we don’t want to pay the tickets.

This lawful society we live in is usually taken for granted. We don’t understand how fortunate we are to have a lawful society. There are places in the world that are considered a lawless society, would you rather live there?

Trust me you wouldn’t. I’ve been there As much as fun as it sounds it gets real really quick.

I traveled to Pakistan throughout my childhood and as I child I loved it. I got to drive when I was 10, we got to play with fire works in the middle of the street, we played with monkeys on the road and we some of the cabs were donkeys. As I cild i loved going there. i felt so free. But that feeling quickly changed when I transformed from a girl to a women.

I haven’t been to Pakistan in a while but I remember the constant struggles I faced there. And I do not mean the constant struggle of sexism I mean the constant struggles that you and I would go through here in the United States or a lawful country.

In Pakistan we always had to boil water because we couldn’t drink the tap water, we had to turn not he tanky every time we showered, we had to deal with the lights going out every 3 hours for at least 1 hour (unit my uncle got a generator) we had to be quiet and listen to the azan five times a day. All these things that routinely happened in a pretty lawless society.

It still amazes me how such a lawless society was able to maintain a unique infrastructure that I may never understand.

I just wanted to rant about the constant struggles everybody goes through in first world countries and third world countries. We may not have the same issues as one another but we both do have our own unique issues that mirror our society.

Now look in the mirror and think about your constant struggles, do you end up in some type of routine? Break your routine and try something new in any society.


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