“Left Turn” Tim Groseclose

Liberal Bias VS Conservative Bias

Liberal Media outlets and Conservative media outlets are compared with speeches by politicians.

Mr. Groseclose’s spectrum to understand if a media outlet is being too conservative or liberal is described elaborately in his book Left Turn. His scale and the various outlets that he reports points out the current issue with media today.

Many people think the media is bias and many people tend to follow an outlet that supports there individual perspectives. The way the media and politicians today sway the average American person with the language used in there speeches is something that is remarkable and disgusting at the same time.

This bittersweet feeling describes the feelings of many Americans today who just want the new’s with no turns. Just real news.

This makes me think, have we ever just had real news? And is the world even ready to understanding what is really going on in this world?

I keep telling myself that I am, but then I end up on a road towards doubt and take a step back and ask myself….Do I really want to know?

This feeling is something I understand to be natural.

Let me elaborate.

If I seek out to understand what is really going on in the world today, the crisis in the Middle East; the drama about color in Ferguson, Missouri; ISIS beheading American journalist James Foley; Putin occupying Crimea…..DO I REALLY WANT TO EVEN KNOW THE ANSWER?

Not really.

This is why I tend to watch the news and get updated on how cruel this world is and then change the channel to a stupid reality show to numb the pain and make me forget about the cruel world I live in.


How many people probably do the same thing as me when they turn on the news? Probably a lot.

I personally think that it’s time for a change.

I know it’s scary to face the facts, but it’s about time that we do.

The media is trying to scare us, and push us to avoid the right questions to ask, not the bull shit questions they air.

If you haven’t noticed the trend, then you really need to turn on the news and get aware of what the fuck is going on.

In the world now, where jobs are limited and technology is taking over, all we have left is knowledge.

Knowledge is our only source of power. So stay aware and speak out, even if your the only one.


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