Summer time work

I gave to say working during the summer sucks and workibg for your parents us

just downright sad but at least I have a job.

So the 21st century is just filled with surprises isnt it?

But is it really.

Recently on the news the top three things that we are constantly reminded is the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza. I mean this stuff isnt new and it’s important for the media to report all the human rights violation but how long is this shit realky giing to last bc the issue has been akuve and sporadically reported since the 1940’s

Not new at all if you ask me, but I’m from the millennium generation so that might be a factor in my opinion

What else can we not get enough of from thr new,


Just like the previous issue,  immigration is something that has been around for a while and it is also something that will not be going away either.

As the tensions grew in texas and southern cali near the Mexican border a great national issue was constantly aired on many news stations. This issue has not only raised factions within the US but on a greater note, this issue gave rise to the violation of human rights that are only available to some people.

This issue is going to be around as long as the United States is around since this country was established by immigrants and for immigrants.

These are 2 issues that im going to be follwoinf, but I also will be following many more.

Keep yourself updated too!



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