The Constant Struggles

The daily struggles we undergo can be the worst struggles until we learn to let go and appreciate them. How the hell do we appreciate taking out the trash, constantly cleaning just to get the house dirty, washing dishes & clothes, filling the car up with gas, getting an oil change, getting your hair cut. All these activities that we are naturally taking care of because we think we have to and because we probably have to.

Just think about it for one second. If we got to let go of these activities and just be free. I mean what could go wrong? I mean many things could and probably would go wrong if this were the case. This constant order in our life is something were prone to because we live under the rule of law.

I mean you probably don’t think about it. Who wakes up and says “agh let this wonderful day begin under the rule of law”. I know a few people that might sadly, but most of society doesn’t.

We get into our cars and put on our seat belts, stop at red lights& stop signs (most of the time) and try not to speed. I mean we should be doing this for our safety but lets be real we do it because we don’t want to pay the tickets.

This lawful society we live in is usually taken for granted. We don’t understand how fortunate we are to have a lawful society. There are places in the world that are considered a lawless society, would you rather live there?

Trust me you wouldn’t. I’ve been there As much as fun as it sounds it gets real really quick.

I traveled to Pakistan throughout my childhood and as I child I loved it. I got to drive when I was 10, we got to play with fire works in the middle of the street, we played with monkeys on the road and we some of the cabs were donkeys. As I cild i loved going there. i felt so free. But that feeling quickly changed when I transformed from a girl to a women.

I haven’t been to Pakistan in a while but I remember the constant struggles I faced there. And I do not mean the constant struggle of sexism I mean the constant struggles that you and I would go through here in the United States or a lawful country.

In Pakistan we always had to boil water because we couldn’t drink the tap water, we had to turn not he tanky every time we showered, we had to deal with the lights going out every 3 hours for at least 1 hour (unit my uncle got a generator) we had to be quiet and listen to the azan five times a day. All these things that routinely happened in a pretty lawless society.

It still amazes me how such a lawless society was able to maintain a unique infrastructure that I may never understand.

I just wanted to rant about the constant struggles everybody goes through in first world countries and third world countries. We may not have the same issues as one another but we both do have our own unique issues that mirror our society.

Now look in the mirror and think about your constant struggles, do you end up in some type of routine? Break your routine and try something new in any society.


I recently had the luxury of taking my three young cousin’s to the movies to watch this new action flick called Boxtroller’s.

I don’t want to give a review of the movie but I do want to make a comparison of the movie to some current events that we are experiencing globally.

In the movie the boxtroller’s were labeled as monsters who ate humans for fun and a devious character was in charge of exterminating the boxtrollers as his chance to make it big and be apart of the elite group of men who got to taste expensive cheese and wear long white hats.

Throughout the movie you find out that the box trollers aren’t monsters, there actually really smart and have the ability to build stuff out of nothing.

Now the comparison I want to make is towards the labels we have in our own society. He/she look’s mean, bitchy, cute, bubbly, fat, skinny, tall, short, hood, classy, wanna-be. All these labels we create in our mind towards the people in our environment.

We can categorize them any way we want but it is not going to help us, if anything it’s going to hurt our society and divide us up into factions.

I personally feel like our society had already been divided up into factions that usually represent an individuals socio-economic background and I think that we all can agree on this.

I dont argue against having these background for people but what I do argue against is labeling individuals a certain way because of there back ground. My background may be one thing, but it doest mean that I will logically follow the stereotypes associated with my background.

For example it has been believed that many young African American men will most likely end up in jail by the time they are 21, especially if they live in particular neighborhood. This had lead many people to stereotype a while neighborhood filled with African Americans as dangerous. But that’s not true.

My friend who is a African American raised in a improvised neighborhood is currently a doctor in South Hampton.

WOW look at that.

My other friend who is born and raised in Syria and moved to the United States for a better life ten years ago is not a terrorist. He’s currently getting is BA and is a club promoter in NYC.

These stereotypes that we have made up and seem to believe in our minds is one part of our society that needs a lot of reform.

This reform is for us, our society. We need to create it and implement it.

“Left Turn” Tim Groseclose

Liberal Bias VS Conservative Bias

Liberal Media outlets and Conservative media outlets are compared with speeches by politicians.

Mr. Groseclose’s spectrum to understand if a media outlet is being too conservative or liberal is described elaborately in his book Left Turn. His scale and the various outlets that he reports points out the current issue with media today.

Many people think the media is bias and many people tend to follow an outlet that supports there individual perspectives. The way the media and politicians today sway the average American person with the language used in there speeches is something that is remarkable and disgusting at the same time.

This bittersweet feeling describes the feelings of many Americans today who just want the new’s with no turns. Just real news.

This makes me think, have we ever just had real news? And is the world even ready to understanding what is really going on in this world?

I keep telling myself that I am, but then I end up on a road towards doubt and take a step back and ask myself….Do I really want to know?

This feeling is something I understand to be natural.

Let me elaborate.

If I seek out to understand what is really going on in the world today, the crisis in the Middle East; the drama about color in Ferguson, Missouri; ISIS beheading American journalist James Foley; Putin occupying Crimea…..DO I REALLY WANT TO EVEN KNOW THE ANSWER?

Not really.

This is why I tend to watch the news and get updated on how cruel this world is and then change the channel to a stupid reality show to numb the pain and make me forget about the cruel world I live in.


How many people probably do the same thing as me when they turn on the news? Probably a lot.

I personally think that it’s time for a change.

I know it’s scary to face the facts, but it’s about time that we do.

The media is trying to scare us, and push us to avoid the right questions to ask, not the bull shit questions they air.

If you haven’t noticed the trend, then you really need to turn on the news and get aware of what the fuck is going on.

In the world now, where jobs are limited and technology is taking over, all we have left is knowledge.

Knowledge is our only source of power. So stay aware and speak out, even if your the only one.

How should Obama respond to MH17?

The crisis that has been daunting the world and the global media today has dramatically affected many families throughout the world, and today on CNN we were asked a question….

How should Obama respond to this tragedy?

Well before getting into that answer, lets understand how much of an impact this respond will have in the international arena. So no pressure Obama.

The surface air missiles that shot the plane out of the sky may be an event that leads to the next world war.

Now after we find out who is to blame for this event, Ukraine or Russia, Obama’s response will be scrutinized.

Summer time work

I gave to say working during the summer sucks and workibg for your parents us

just downright sad but at least I have a job.

So the 21st century is just filled with surprises isnt it?

But is it really.

Recently on the news the top three things that we are constantly reminded is the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza. I mean this stuff isnt new and it’s important for the media to report all the human rights violation but how long is this shit realky giing to last bc the issue has been akuve and sporadically reported since the 1940’s

Not new at all if you ask me, but I’m from the millennium generation so that might be a factor in my opinion

What else can we not get enough of from thr new,


Just like the previous issue,  immigration is something that has been around for a while and it is also something that will not be going away either.

As the tensions grew in texas and southern cali near the Mexican border a great national issue was constantly aired on many news stations. This issue has not only raised factions within the US but on a greater note, this issue gave rise to the violation of human rights that are only available to some people.

This issue is going to be around as long as the United States is around since this country was established by immigrants and for immigrants.

These are 2 issues that im going to be follwoinf, but I also will be following many more.

Keep yourself updated too!


Israel-Gaza/Gaza-Israel Conflict

The conflicts in the Middle East seem like a never-ending job for the media for the and everyone else who has acknowledged the problems on multiple occasions but still leave the issue unresolved.

But is it fucked up of me to blame them or even anyone?


This problem occurred before my parents were even thinking about creating a wonderful child..(me).

This problem is from the past, it’s mistakes from history that have left this problem lingering for too long and it is mistakes made today that will continue to let this problem linger on longer.

So it’s not the Jews fault?
It’s not the Muslim’s fault..
It’s not Obama’s fault…
It’s not the terrorist

It’s really not anyone’s fault…it’s just that nobody knows what to do about it.

I mean despite the humanitarian issues it causes, how big is the problem?

Pretty fucking big…

Just as big as the problem were having with the 40,000 people crossing the border on Mexico/US EVERYDAY.

Will these problems be resolved?

Probably not.

But’s it’s good to be aware of them and to understand why they are occurring.

If we don’t try to understand…then were going to believe the media.

And learning something from the media, instead of history and your own logic is just stupid.

Have a good day!

Zakaria: israeli conflict like ww1 event

We got some aad news from our buddy #zakaria who warned that the horrible events currently taking place in Israel,  or Palestine, whatever it is to you, can demonstrate a concern for another war.

So this time, not the first or second #intifada, but this time we all should be worried. According to fareed.

An “internal compulsion on both sides”

Both sides need to show some power to demonstrate their toughness.

Israel’s former prime minister is beimg pushed from the right and #hamas hasmt been doing so well on the terrorist radars.(thanks so isis or better known as sisi)

This is sufficient for both sides to inhumanely kill each other.

What about peace talks?

“Thats not in the cards right now” #zakaria

American values tested with Us gov

At this moment in American history we seem to be at a contradictory cross road, or has this road always been a part of US history.

Recently the US has been called out for trading 5 terrorist for ine American solider and this issue has transformed into a controversial debatd tbroughout the world that has caused alarming concerns about the futufe negotiations the US government will have in combating or maybe even settling with the Taliban.

Some may question how the President could make such a decision without consulting with Congress, but these mere political matters avert us from the bigger picture.

If the US president has publically announced this decision then what kinds of decisions have been classified and made with the awareness of US citizens and the rest of the world, all who are tangled in this global war on terrorism.

Instead of questioning all the declassified information and calling out the President for neglecting congress can we please understand the greater iszue at hand, all the secret classified documents that have directly affected citizens but will never be undercovered because it is simply above our pay grade.

When we start asking this questions we might come one step closer to produ ing a true and pure democracy,  a form of government we have been promoting for a very long time.

This questions may set off a revolution…..and im not talking about a crazy revolution like the one that was reported today about a extreme couple that killed some people (2 cops) and then themselves because they were anti law enforcement.

The revolution that I am referring to will deal with exposure to information.

Some may argue how dangerous this revolution will be, as they should. However, we all should be prepared for this information revolution because itz creeping up amongst us.

Post grad

As I relax in my cubicle and ease drop on newrby conversation I wonder if this kinda of like is a dream for other people. But maybe thats my conscious about the third world speaking to me again.

So these officr jobs that pay a suffient amouny of money and require us to commute at the busiest hours of the day and run on society’s schedule….is this what some people strive for?

Well yes and no I guess it depends on the person.

Growing up I would annulally go to pakistan to visit my family. It was the most annoying thing in the world.

Leaving my bubble here, in Long Island,  and then living in there bubble for a month at least.  I always had my pills to help the month go by quicker but somehow I think the pills made the month feel longer but they made me feel good so it was all good.

Anyways im mentioning these anoying trips because when I would go there and talk to my cousins and there friends I could see they just wanted somw type of professional employmeny opportunity after receiving a degree


After recieiving my degree I wanted a cool job well paying job but I got a cubicle, something I shouksnt be complaining about but I am.

So as I complain about my job that I believe doesnt pay enough and is almost certainly a waste of time I ask myself who would love this job?

As I thought about all my delinquent friends that would never work for a telecommunications company I thought about a conversation I overheard my older cousins having in pakistan.

“He isn’t mad because he’s happy were getting extra income but I think his friends are upset because I got the position”

“Ohh I wish I saw the looks on there faces when they found out…they are going yo burn for years make sure you pray to Allah and ask him to protect you from their evil eyes”

They were both stoked my cousins friend got a job, the same job het husband’s buddies applied for. 

It was a telecommunications job…