Israel-Gaza/Gaza-Israel Conflict

The conflicts in the Middle East seem like a never-ending job for the media for the and everyone else who has acknowledged the problems on multiple occasions but still leave the issue unresolved.

But is it fucked up of me to blame them or even anyone?


This problem occurred before my parents were even thinking about creating a wonderful child..(me).

This problem is from the past, it’s mistakes from history that have left this problem lingering for too long and it is mistakes made today that will continue to let this problem linger on longer.

So it’s not the Jews fault?
It’s not the Muslim’s fault..
It’s not Obama’s fault…
It’s not the terrorist

It’s really not anyone’s fault…it’s just that nobody knows what to do about it.

I mean despite the humanitarian issues it causes, how big is the problem?

Pretty fucking big…

Just as big as the problem were having with the 40,000 people crossing the border on Mexico/US EVERYDAY.

Will these problems be resolved?

Probably not.

But’s it’s good to be aware of them and to understand why they are occurring.

If we don’t try to understand…then were going to believe the media.

And learning something from the media, instead of history and your own logic is just stupid.

Have a good day!


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