American values tested with Us gov

At this moment in American history we seem to be at a contradictory cross road, or has this road always been a part of US history.

Recently the US has been called out for trading 5 terrorist for ine American solider and this issue has transformed into a controversial debatd tbroughout the world that has caused alarming concerns about the futufe negotiations the US government will have in combating or maybe even settling with the Taliban.

Some may question how the President could make such a decision without consulting with Congress, but these mere political matters avert us from the bigger picture.

If the US president has publically announced this decision then what kinds of decisions have been classified and made with the awareness of US citizens and the rest of the world, all who are tangled in this global war on terrorism.

Instead of questioning all the declassified information and calling out the President for neglecting congress can we please understand the greater iszue at hand, all the secret classified documents that have directly affected citizens but will never be undercovered because it is simply above our pay grade.

When we start asking this questions we might come one step closer to produ ing a true and pure democracy,  a form of government we have been promoting for a very long time.

This questions may set off a revolution…..and im not talking about a crazy revolution like the one that was reported today about a extreme couple that killed some people (2 cops) and then themselves because they were anti law enforcement.

The revolution that I am referring to will deal with exposure to information.

Some may argue how dangerous this revolution will be, as they should. However, we all should be prepared for this information revolution because itz creeping up amongst us.


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