Post grad

As I relax in my cubicle and ease drop on newrby conversation I wonder if this kinda of like is a dream for other people. But maybe thats my conscious about the third world speaking to me again.

So these officr jobs that pay a suffient amouny of money and require us to commute at the busiest hours of the day and run on society’s schedule….is this what some people strive for?

Well yes and no I guess it depends on the person.

Growing up I would annulally go to pakistan to visit my family. It was the most annoying thing in the world.

Leaving my bubble here, in Long Island,  and then living in there bubble for a month at least.  I always had my pills to help the month go by quicker but somehow I think the pills made the month feel longer but they made me feel good so it was all good.

Anyways im mentioning these anoying trips because when I would go there and talk to my cousins and there friends I could see they just wanted somw type of professional employmeny opportunity after receiving a degree


After recieiving my degree I wanted a cool job well paying job but I got a cubicle, something I shouksnt be complaining about but I am.

So as I complain about my job that I believe doesnt pay enough and is almost certainly a waste of time I ask myself who would love this job?

As I thought about all my delinquent friends that would never work for a telecommunications company I thought about a conversation I overheard my older cousins having in pakistan.

“He isn’t mad because he’s happy were getting extra income but I think his friends are upset because I got the position”

“Ohh I wish I saw the looks on there faces when they found out…they are going yo burn for years make sure you pray to Allah and ask him to protect you from their evil eyes”

They were both stoked my cousins friend got a job, the same job het husband’s buddies applied for. 

It was a telecommunications job…


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