As time progresses on many young adults my age are just simply lost, confused and uncertain about what the next step for them in life will be. We do not know what our next step is, but out minds our full of dreams that we somehow think we can complete. And some of us actually will complete them, depending on our personal level of ambitiousness. As i dwell on the days and wonder way I am, I realized that I have no idea. 

This phase is something I want to refer to as the WTF phase. It is something that is actually very relatable and common today. Now what I want to do it predict my next stage in life, since I already know where I stand. 

So i’m assuming after this stage, the next step is either success or failure, maybe marrying a rich guy is the in between step (but i’m going to cancel that step out. So basically when i look into my future im either going to be sucessful or im going to fail. That sucks, because no where in that phase is the word happiness. But hey, happiness is something that we can obtain ourselves, from within ourselves, not something that we achieve after a long period of time, working for a company that basically pays our bills. 

So basically my next stage is alright, but I want to make it better. I want to be happy. How the fuck do I do that. Some people told me that I need to just go with the flow of things and then it will come. Which makes no sense to me at all. If im not happy now, than how willt he same flow of things make me happy later? they won’t I would probably just stick to my normal routine and I guess grow to love it. Thts the only explanation that I can think of. SO this thing called happiness, this thing that is so hard to find and not really apart of many phases in out life. Is it something that it actually real? or is it something that our minds have constructed, and we as robots of our minds, feel obliged to find? 


Someone with this answer, let me know because i do wonder. 


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