What We’re Reading

One book that I’ve been reading and that I think anybody interested in Middle Eastern politics should pick up and read is Beyond War : Reimagining American Influence in a New Middle East by David Rohde.
Some of the questions that this books answers is can the US walk away from the Middle East? Was the Arab Spring a cause for a celebration or alarm? and What actually happened in the Benghazi attacks that killed 4 American diplomats?




And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
“I’m really enjoying this book so far. It is set in Afghanistan in various moments since the 1950’s. There are many seemingly disconnected characters whose stories overlap and intersect in someway. It pulls in elements of history and current events into the fiction, marking time by the changing climate in Afghanistan. It’s easy to get lost in Hosseini’s writing, it’s fast paced and gorgeous.”

We still have signed copies of And The Mountains Echoed, get yours while supplies last



The Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton“This is a great book. It’s kind of hard to describe because it’s over 1,000 pages (but well worth the time investment). The story follows a woman who has been imprisoned after 14 people turn up dead on a distant planet. After some time a person is killed on earth in…

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