Tough decisions

In this house everything is a hassle. For example were all tying to go to the movie together as a family but it is clearly not working out. Since my parents are Pakistani the different types of movies we can watch with them just sticks to nothing above G rated. That’s why sometimes going to the movies with them is just a waste of bunny, but hey I don’t really give a shit because it’s not my money and they really it’s want to bond. On the other hand my two sisters who think they rule our house because they caught my dad cheating on my mom a couple months ago are really milking their situation. And of courseI’m want to be the mediator dumbass and be in the middle of this. This is just such an amazing situation. I want to watchwhat to expect when your expecting, which if you don’t know is pg-13. I don’t know if I should just take the risk and watch the movie with them. Or be a bitch like my sisters and take the ride to the movies with them but just each a different movie. I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s what the bitches plan on doing. If only my mom comes to the movies then I’ll take thrisk since she’s my mom and it’s not as awKward. But if my dad comes the I rather just not go to the movies because it’s rebeen awkward being around him these days. And this is because of several factors, not just because we caught him. Another factor may be that the police came tobuy house to arrest me last week in front of my parents, and I should mention this was exactly a week after I came home from school. But anyways back to the situation a hand, this movie. First of all whatever movie I watch i know its going to bemale but system the fact that I get to bind with my mom means a lot. This is because my older sister has ababy of making her cry and feel like shit because she hasn’t left my father. But hey what are children for. Anyways this movie venture is going to be just a bundle of jolink the chaotic life that privileged children get to experience. This is probably because most Americans don’t really stress over what movie to watch with there family, but I guess I’m not like most American. I knew being the first generation in this countryhard BOTH it’s advantages and disadvantages, and today I’m just experiencing the disadvantage.


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