So the movies ended up being me and my sister along with my mwhat’s. We saw what to expect when your expecting. Anyways I just had a chat online with this guy that I’m pretty sure I’m in love with but I’ll probably doing nothing. It deffiantely has nothing to do with the fact that he has a girlfriend. I would still fuck him. Buti just fuck him spt keep him close because I know he can never get over that attraction. Is that fucked up? Well I really don’t care. Always this guy who has a girlfriend and that I happen to be in love with isthe reliving his dream day by day and I hope makes it. Because if he does make it then maybe there is the slightest chance that I can be wit him. I’m just kidding let mknot get over myself. My parents would disown me if I brought him home. Even if he ends up being in the world cup I could never bring him home. This might sound racist but its deffiantely because he’s black. I’m a Muslim Pakistani clear (lack of muslim) but still there’s no way I could bring him home to my parents. Unless I’m just waiting for a disasTor. Maybe I am. But hey if I was to ever bring this kid home then Ibrave to say I have balls. Bringing hm home is like some crazy shit, it’s like when little wayne got his tear drop tattoe. He did it because he killed someone. Well if I bring this kid home I’ll be able to get a tear drop on my face or tdo because it would probably kill both of my parents. Even though I can’t marry him or even have a future with him I tend to think about him a whole lot. Not just in th bathroom when I’m masturbating butmutually all day long when I have nothing to do with myself. That’s to true. Even when I’m out doing things he crosses my Mind. I don’tunderstand why since we were never together and since we barely hang out now. That’s A because he’s not in the country and B because when he is n the country he lives with his girlfriend. even though he’s not the only guy in my life, since I choose to have multiple men at in my life at one time, but he’s the guy that I’m usually thinking about when I’m with other men. But let’s move onto the other man in my life that we’ll call my homie. I met my homie while I was trying to get over the guy I’m always thinking about, but it obviously didn’t work since now I’m thinking and even writing about him. But rebounds are awesome. They make you fall in love again so quick that you don’t even realizethere the other guy went until you look down at your phone and realize he just texted you. I wouldn’t say I lobe my rebound, but he treated me good it’s like I love him in a reboundish way if that makes sense.Anyways I still talk to him all the time and let him know how much i miss him because I really do. But I’m also missing the other guy I just don’t mention it to my rebound but I’m pretty sure he can tell. How do guys not realize there the rebound? I mean I realized I as the rebound for the guy I loved, but I don’t mind I still love him. And I know he loves me, he just has a girlfriend for reasons I don’t understand.  Anyways these are the two main men in my life as of now. I met this other kid the last day of school in the city. And he is like one of those guys that seems perfect in the beginning, and I’m just waiting for him to fuck up. He came out to see me a week ago and I MIT be seeing him next week. We’ll see where it goes from there. I kind of want to see how fast I can make this guy fall n love with me. This is deffiantely going to be fun!


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